I’m I. I live on my life with many dream. Just keep my step to always standing and running in right way with a hard touch.

Come from a little part of big family, I was born to be a first child. My brothers are M.A.S and M.A.Z. Our center points are our parent, Mr. Harmadi and Mrs. Rohaya. Palembang is my beloved city and July 24th, 1994 is a great day for me to see the world at first.

Alhamdulillah, Allah give me occasion to study at SDN 13 Palembang, SMPN 17 Palembang, and SMAN 1 Palembang. Now, I am trying to be the best for my choise, Physics Education on Sekolah Tinggi Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan (STKIP) Surya.

At SDN 13 Palembang, I join Pramuka. When I school at SMPN 17 Palembang, my extracurricular is Majelis Ta’lim. In my sweetest place, SMAN 1 Palembang, I choose Biology Olympiad, Kerohanian Islam (ROHIS), and Taekwondo for my outside activity. So, what about in my college? I join Himpunan Mahasiswa Fisika (Himafi), Taekwondo, Budaya Jepang, Screams Radio, Surya Basket Club, and English Club.

I’m the unique (near to strange) one. So, I’m sorry if my existence make you fed up. I like to share information if you need. Know me more at facebook, twitter, and here.


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  1. komen halaman eksplorasi aku mtkpelangi jak

  2. syrjass says:

    oy la ku komen ekslorasi kau, bener dak komenan aku tu?

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